Updated: 04 / 02 / 2020

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text intelligence = content personalization
analyze tone and brand – content
machine learning

analytics for tone and brand 21 languages
san francisco – work with software
marketing, engineering and product = persona

a lot of companies dont have localization people in there.

optimize loc process

preview for html, xml, for mobile apps, step on to the ui

70 integrations

smartsuggest – adaptive neural MT

private cloud

type2 compliant

SF & dubai office = 40-50 people




Customers include e-commerce companies like Sephora and Cartier and software companies like Nutanix and Netskope.


the startup evolved from work they were doing sourcing translations for books and other sophisticated texts for the Arabic-speaking world, and says this means they started from a point of high complexity.

$0.5 m in seed

raised $1.5 million for its Series A round from MENA Venture Investments and Silicon Oasis Ventures

has raised $5M in Series A funding from Upfront Ventures and Rincon Venture Partners in 2017

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