Founded: 2006
Updated: 18 / 08 / 2019

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Lingotek is an enterprise TMS supported by a translation company. It focuses on web/software localization and preconfigured integrations with CMS.


  1. Cloud-based translation workbench
  2. An additional in-context workbench for websites and emails (Chrome extension)
  3. Connectors to CMS
  4. Project management suite with automation
  5. Workflow builder
  6. Quality evaluation component with customizable quality programs
  7. Intelligence dashboards with KPIs and budget tracker

There’s also a Lingotek TMS plugin for SDL.


Best suited for:

  • In-house enterprise teams with complex web localization needs
  • Enterprises with a content/marketing team, but without a centralized localization force
  • Organizations with multiple CMS

Compared to other systems, Lingotek’s CMS and reporting components are quite strong. As for the support for Adobe print documentation, in Lingotek version 14.26.0 there was added an enhanced InDesign support, including Source PDF and Live, In-Context Preview.



Founded in 2006 by Jeffrey Labrum in Draper, United States, Lingotek has been supported with venture finance throughout its life. The first round of $2.6 million took place on the year the company was founded. Crunchbase lists 5 follow-up rounds roughly on an annual basis, which bring the total funding to more than $8 million. Lead investors are Signal Peak, In-Q-Tel and Flywheel Ventures. Company’s CEO and President Rob Vandenberg joined Lingotek in 2007.

From the early phases of development, Lingotek team has been deeply involved with Drupal open-source CMS. They released early multilingual plugins and took part in almost 100 Drupal events.

At the end of 2017, about 100 people worked in Lingotek, and the company’s revenue was estimated at $10 million, with roughly a half coming from technology.

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local_atm Pricing

Translator Pricing


Team Pricing

Lingotek pricing is not public, it is based on negotiation and the module composition. Average starter annual license fee can be about $30,000. Lingotek sells mostly to end-buyers. LSPs can purchase this TMS usually when sponsored by an enterprise buyer.