Updated: 30 / 06 / 2022

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Deployment model

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Supported file formats

doneJavaScript (.json)
doneMarkdown file (.md)
doneMultilingual website GetText Portable object (.po .pot)
doneWeb pages (.html .htm .xhtml .xht .shtml .shtm)
doneYAML language (.yml .yaml)

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info_outline About

GitLocalize is a continuous localization tool for GitHub projects with a documentation-as-a-code approach in mind.

1. Native GitHub integration
2. Two-way sync with the repository
3. Translation Memory
4. Glossary
5. Side-by-side WYSIWYG editor for Markdown, Jupyter Notebooks, and HTML.
6. Custom formats on demand
7. API exposable on demand
8. Roles and Teamwork

Best For:
1. Documentation-heavy public (OSS) and private GitHub projects
2. GitHub-based app localization projects
3. Community translations and translation crowdsourcing
4. GitHub projects translated by a joint effort of community+vendors

local_atm Pricing

Translator Pricing

GitLocalize is free for both private and public (OSS) projects.

Team Pricing

Enterprise plans are available for projects requiring custom features and integrations.

g_translate Translator workbench

Editor functionality

doneAdvanced alignment
doneMultiple segment filtering optionshelp_outline
doneSupports right-to-left languages

Translation Editor OS support

doneWeb editor


doneAutomated locking of non-translatables (tags & numbers)help_outline
doneCentralized & real-time translation memory
doneMachine translation integrated


donePreview for HTML


doneLive suggestions from term base
doneMultilingual termshelp_outline
doneTerm descriptions & images


doneComments for segments
doneMulti-user simultaneous work on a single jobhelp_outline
doneTracked changes

record_voice_over PM workbench

Vendor management

doneProject sharing (subcontracting)help_outline
doneVendor profiles

Customer portal

doneReporting & Analytics


doneRoles and access rights editor