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Founded: 2019
Updated: 15 / 12 / 2021

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CleverSo is a cloud-based translation management system that enables teams to optimize and scale their translation process through smart automation. Built by Tarjama, a provider of smart language solutions, CleverSo provides teams of all sizes with a secure localization environment that helps reduce cost, effort, and time spent on translation while ensuring quality and consistency.

1. Fully cloud-based TMS
2. Web-based editor with central translation memory
3. Terminology management / termbase
4. Automatic quality assurance & smart formatting
5. Integration with own neural machine translation and customer portal
6. File and content hosting, analysis, and quality estimation
7. AI-powered project management solution with dashboards, workflow configuration, team evaluation
8. Customizable reporting and tracking
9. Collaborative project sharing and communication

Best For:
Teams of all sizes looking for a sustainable and scalable solution for their continuous translation needs and need to optimize their costs and delivery time, without compromising quality.

CleverSo was launched in 2019 by Tarjama, a provider of smart language solutions with over 12 years of translation expertise and technological innovation. Built to integrate with CleverSo is the company’s range of proprietary language solutions, including a Neural Machine Translation and AI-powered customer portal.

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Team Pricing

CleverSo offers flexible subscription pricing plans for teams of all sizes, based on the number of users and required feature sets.