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Founded: 2005
Updated: 19 / 10 / 2023

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Deployment model

Private cloud
donePublic Cloud

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doneIntegrated OCR

power Integrations





Public Machine translation

Kantan MT

Business management


Online repositories (hotfolder integrations)


Web & Software

Adobe Experience Manager
censhare CMS
CoreMedia CMS
crossbase CMS
doneOpenText Web Experience Manager
SAP Hybris
xMedia CMS

Technical documentation

Acolada Sirius CMS
Congree (authoring assistance)
COSIMA go! editorial system
DERCOM COTI specification
docuGlobe editorial system
Fischer TIM RS
Informatica PIM
Noxum Publishing Studio
one2edit authoring tool
Online Media Net PIM
Schema ST4
Stibo STEP
Viamedici EPIM

Supported file formats

done.NET localization formats (.resx .resw)
done.NET Resource files (.resource)
done.NET Satellite Assemblies (resource.dll)
doneAdobe FrameMaker (.mif)
doneAdobe InCopy (.icml)
doneAdobe InDesign (.idml .indb)
doneAdobe InDesign™ (.inx)
doneAndroid apps (.xml)
doneBroadvision Quicksilver (.ildoc)
doneComma-Separated Values (.csv)
doneControl Panel Extensions (.cpl),
doneDrawing Interchange Format (.dxf)
doneDynamic Link Library (.dll)
doneExcel (.xls .xlsx)
doneExecutables (.exe)
doneINI Files (.ini .conf .cfg)
doneiOS apps (.strings)
doneJava property files (.properties)
doneJavaScript (.json)
doneMicrosoft Office (.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .xlsm .ppt .pptx)
doneMicrosoft Visual Studio & C++ resource files (.rc)
doneMicrosoft Windows text file (.txt)
doneMultilingual website GetText Portable object (.po .pot)
doneMultilingual XML formats (.xml)
doneNational Language Support (.nls)
doneOLE Control extensions (.ocx)
donePDF (.pdf)
doneQuark Express (.xtg)
doneRich Text Format (.rtf)
doneSDL Trados Tag Editor (.ttx)
doneStandard Generalized Markup Language (.sgml)
doneTranslation memory exchange (.tmx)
doneTypo3 website pages (.xml)
doneWeb pages (.html .htm .xhtml .xht .shtml .shtm)
doneWindows Installer (.msi)
doneXLIFF (.xlf)

Other Integrations


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info_outline About

The Across Language Server is an all-in-one translation management system for businesses, language service providers, and freelancers. It facilitates the entire translation process, including project and workflow management, translation, proofreading, and approval. The Across Language Server is a solution for all translation processes, ranging from automatically connecting third-party systems to securely storing all language data and translating individual content with precision. It’s known as a closed, but transparent system focused on data security.


  1. Project and workflow management – desktop and web-based applications
  2. User rights management
  3. Editor – desktop and web-based applications
  4. Quality management
  5. Terminology management
  6. Customer ordering portal (Across Language Portal Solution)
  7. Look-up desktop application (Across Language Assistant)
  8. Connectors and integrations
  9. Process automation solutions
  10. Business intelligence solution (Data Cube)
  11. Trainable machine translation (AcrossMT)


Best for

  • Enterprises with needs for advanced localization workflows and reporting in a server scenario
  • Technical writing teams using document CMS
  • LSPs with security and automation requirements
  • Freelance translators


The company Across Systems GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from Nero, a software company that developed a popular CD burning application. Nero developed its translation suite at a time when localization tools were limited. Based in Germany, the company’s headquarters in Karlsbad oversee Across’ operations.
Since January 4, 2021, Across Systems has been part of the Volaris Group, a Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) company.

In order to improve productivity and collaboration between project managers and linguists, Across provides a wide range of features, such as a detailed overview of comments and change history at the segment level, also in the form of reports, including measures such as edit distance. The use of ISO 17100-compliant workflows ensures traceability and transparency.

For a complete and up-to-date list of supported formats visit Across online help.

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Across Client Dashboard
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Across Client Editor
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Across Language Assistant
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Translator Pricing

Across Translator Edition
Basic – Free
Standalone or Offline Client support retrieving tasks from customers with Across Language Servers
Premium – €19.50/month, billed annually
Concurrent connection to multiple customers with Across Language Servers
Installation on two computers
Usage of additional translation memory and terminology datasets
Machine translation
Free trial

Team Pricing

Across Language Server
Standard editions for enterprise and language service providers
Customized solutions according to customers’ needs
Training and certification

Across Language Server Light

Standard edition for small businesses and language service providers

g_translate Translator workbench

Editor functionality

doneAdvanced alignment
doneConcordance search
doneCustomizable interfacehelp_outline
doneCustomizable keyboard shortcuts
doneIntegration with voice recognition technologyhelp_outline
doneMultiple file chaining into a single editable job
doneMultiple segment filtering optionshelp_outline
doneSearch and replace
doneSource text editinghelp_outline
doneSupports hidden texthelp_outline
doneSupports large files (>1 gb)
doneSupports right-to-left languages

Translation Editor OS support

doneWeb editor
doneWindows offline editor


doneAutomated locking of non-translatables (tags & numbers)help_outline
doneCentralized & real-time translation memory
doneMachine translation integrated


doneAutomated quality assurance (AutoQA)
doneCustom quality profiles/programshelp_outline
doneQA check customizationhelp_outline


donePreview for HTML
donePreview for iOS apps
donePreview for MS Excel
donePreview for MS PowerPoint
donePreview for MS Word
donePreview for XML


doneForbidden termshelp_outline
doneLinking termshelp_outline
doneLive suggestions from term base
doneMultilingual termshelp_outline
doneQA check for consistency
doneTerm descriptions & images
doneTerm extractionhelp_outline
doneTerm indexing and tagginghelp_outline


doneBuilt-in instant messaging chat
doneComments for segments
doneMulti-user simultaneous work on a single jobhelp_outline
doneTracked changes

record_voice_over PM workbench

Access (PM)

doneWeb app
doneWindows app


doneAutomated project creation and resource allocation
doneDocument version historyhelp_outline
doneInvoice generation
doneJob analysis and price calculation based on TM & MT
doneKPIs and budget dashboardhelp_outline
doneOverdue job notifications
doneProject status and issues dashboardshelp_outline
donePurchase order generationhelp_outline
doneSplitting one project between several linguists
doneTask manager for an in-house team
doneTime tracking & speed analytics
doneVendor price lists and cost analyticshelp_outline


doneNon-linguistic tasks allowed in workflowshelp_outline
doneSource change detectionhelp_outline
doneWorkflow builder
doneWorkflow logic editorhelp_outline
doneWorkflow visualization (Gantt chart or similar)help_outline
doneWorkflows can launch from an API call

Vendor management

doneAutomated vendor selection based on rules and quality scoreshelp_outline
doneFirst come first served job allocationhelp_outline
doneProject sharing (subcontracting)help_outline
doneVendor availability trackinghelp_outline
doneVendor profiles
doneVendors can log in to review past & available work

Customer portal

doneAccess to terminology
doneAccess to workflow steps
doneAccess translation memory
doneClient review
doneInstant MT & TM a document
doneInstant Quotes
doneOrder history
doneReporting & Analytics
doneWhitelabelling and branding


doneCan prevent file downloads
donePlaceholders for private user data
donePrevent MT use
doneRoles and access rights editor
doneTwo-factor authorization
doneUser activity logs