Rise of the machines – the state of machine translation

Introduction – 

Machine translation is perhaps the most rapidly evolving space in the language services industry. It is easy to get lost with new innovations being announced each day. This report will help you stay up to speed without having to research for days. 

In this Insight Report, we look at top machine translation providers and how they stack up. Specifically we analyze language coverage, pricing, integrations and of course output quality. 

Information contained in this report:

  1. TL;DR
  2. Background
  3. How LSPs make money
  4. Market size
  5. Types of MT
  6. Ranking quality output
  7. Language coverage
  8. CAT Tool integration
  9. Pricing
  10. Summary

Note that in this report we look at output quality for the 11 top machine translation providers for 35 language pairs, both from and into English. To get this information, Nimdzi has partnered with Inten.to. 

“Intento benchmarks Cognitive Services and provides a single API to use all of them. We help to discover and use the best Artificial Intelligence services for every task without spending human effort on integration and switching providers.”

We know you are busy! That’s why each of our reports are formatted so that information can be quickly and easily digested. For those in a hurry, we provide the TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read!) section in the beginning of each report. At the end of each report we also summarize key points with our own Insights.

For those that think the devil is in the details, we have you covered, too! In the body of the report we go into as much detail as possible about each topic discussed. Still not satisfied? Never hesitate to reach out to us directly to request additional information. We’re here to help!

No time to read the full report? Watch and listen! – 

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