The Nimdzi Planetary Model for the IT Industry

Although each company is different, language service providers (LSPs) will want to understand typical localization program structures at the buyer side in order to know how to tailor their sales strategies.

To better illustrate where the localization teams sit within the customer organization, and how they are centralized, we came up with the Nimdzi Planetary Model.

This model is based on the results of a survey Nimdzi conducted in 2019 among software localization buyers, classifying them according to a selection of criteria, such as whether they have their own full-time employees dedicated to localization (FTEs) or whether they tend to work with multiple language vendors (MLVs). While this information specifically applies to the IT industry, savvy LSPs will see similarities in other verticals they are targeting and can already start prepping their strategies.

Both Outer Planet and Black Hole type companies have dozens of localization vendors. While the multi-vendor system prevails overall, there’s an opportunity to still crash the party. And there’s still hope for single language vendors (SLVs) to knock on the door of Nebula companies (and succeed) too.

According to Nimdzi, the total spend on localization for IT reached USD 3.9 billion in 2019, with a lot of LSPs contending the market.

If you want to learn more about the global IT and software markets, head to Nimdzi’s vertical report.

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27 January 2020
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