The Largest Contract in the Localization Industry? – Nimdzi LIVE! Episode 40 (feat. Salvo Giammarresi)

Salvo Giammarresi, Head of Localization at AirBnB, will join us on Tuesday for a big announcement. We can't share many details at this time (#nospoilers). But we can assure you that this will change the way global brands facilitate communication across borders. Read about it in the news, or hear about it LIVE with us first. Your call... (See you there...)

Our guest today is Salvo Giammarresi

Previously Senior Director of Content & Globalization at PayPal; Senior Director Localization Engineering at Yahoo!; Vice President of Products at HomeGain.com; Director of International Product Management at Homestore.com; Senior Localization Manager at Kana; Engineering Program Manager at Electronics for Imaging; independent Localization Consultant.

PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Palermo (Italy). Visiting Professor and Lecturer since 2002 teaching Localization, Global Product Marketing and Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools. Author of a University level text book on CAT Tools and published several papers on Localization and Applied Linguistics.
US and Italian passport/citizen.

About Nimdzi LIVE!

There is a shadow industry driving the growth of ALL global brands: Localization. Let’s talk globalization, localization, translation, interpretation, language, and culture, with an emphasis on how it affects your business, whether you have a scrappy start-up or are working in a top global brand. Topics are taken from the most recently published market research from Nimdzi Insights (and other sources) and will feature guest speakers from time to time. If you have suggestions for new topics or guests or would like to be a guest yourself, please reach out to our producers at [email protected] to pitch your idea.

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9 November 2021

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