The 2017 Global Voice-Over Market

Introduction – 

Multimedia localization is perhaps not the hot topic these days. It may no longer have the “newness” of neural MT, or the mystery of transcreation. Multimedia localization has been around for a while. However, this by no means gives us permission to overlook this crucial aspect of localization. 

In this report we look closely at the global multilingual voice over industry. Voice over is a service that is coming into higher and higher demand and this is not expected to slow down. While many LSPs offer voice over services as part of their service offering, many of these do not themselves fully understand all of the complexities of providing this as a service. We can look to industry experts who are specializing in voice over to shed some light on some of the common information out there. 

This report draws upon information gathered from interviews with industry professionals, publicly available data, and top notch reporting from industry leaders, all of which Nimdzi has organized into the below sections.

Information contained in this report:

  1. TL;DR – Executive Summary
  2. Background
    • Types of voice over
    • Relation to other forms of multimedia
    • Market players
    • Provider concentration
    • Key takeaways
  3. Market sizing and segments
    • By market
    • By industry
    • By type of work
    • Key take-aways
  4. Trends
    • Viewer behavior trends
      • Online viewing habits
      • Viewing habits by age
      • Rise of the double screen
    • Voice types in demand
    • Accents in demand
    • Use of specific accents
  5. Summary
  6. Nimdzi’s insights and summary of information

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