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What is the in this report?

Nimdzi partners will dive deeper in part 2 where we look at top CRMs, file repositories, marketing automation systems, ecommerce software, and more – all data available for download.

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Check out more from this series of Insight Reports and resources related to Translation Management Systems and focused specifically on their functions, capabilities, and integrations. 

TMS Overview

Detailed view of all functionalities, connectors, and features of the top TMS systems on the market today. Never before has all this information been in one easy-to-compare format.

Integration map

Map of over 175 tools and how they integrate with translation software. Is it crucial that your TMS work with a specific tool? Check out the map to see which TMS systems will play nice.

TMS Compare tool

Select up to four TMS systems to compare side by side using this online tool. The easiest way to compare today’s available features. Check out the user-friendly interface.

Insight Report: The connector game part 1

If you haven’t already, check out the first part of this Insight Report.

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