Updated: 17 / 08 / 2020

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Country of Origin: Luxembourg
Website: https://www.wordbee.com/blog/wordbee-features/manage-your-terminology-with-wordbee-terminology-management-feature/

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Wordbee has a proprietary terminology management system that is available for their clients.
The terminology module does not come standard with a Wordbee Translator account. You can enable a trial from your dashboard or write to your Account Manager to extend the trial or enable it.

It supports TBX 3.0. A three-level hierarchy helps users achieve superior data structures. Wordbee supports custom fields and images, so users input exactly the data structure that they would like to have in a given terminology database.

You can set the permissions for individual users or groups of users depending on how you want them to interact with your terminology database.

How to work with:
Multilingual terms

to document a term that is to be used in all languages the same way it suffices to enter its value for each language. In practice, this means that a single canonical form applies for all languages. Moreover, specific properties could be used to document these cases. Having a property at concept or term level indicating the term is multilingual could help identify those entries while doing maintenance or also when calling-up the termbase from the CAT during translation work.

Forbidden terms
supported in several ways. For quality control purposes, use the automated approach including these terms in the QA profile, section “Forbidden Terms”. For documentation purposes, apply a more extensive approach including those also in your database with a given property that identifies them as forbidden (label, TBX field).

Term discussions
timeline feature allows for storing comments to a given term entry. Users can categorize their queries by means of labels (know limitation: feature currently supported only for entry term).

Term relations
by means of cross-references (feature available for both levels, term and concept), by means of given TBX properties (term type).

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