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Updated: 10 / 06 / 2019

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Deployment model

doneOn premises
Country of Origin: Germany
Website: https://www.star-group.net/en/products/terminology-management.html

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doneTransit NXT

description Notes

If you are using TermStar as part of a Transit project, you can use Dynamic Linking to display all segments in which the terms in a data record are used. This means that you can obtain examples in the context of the current project.
Term History is reduced to the date of last change. Also, with the optional module “Revisions” you may record revisions, compare them and go back to a certain revision of a data record – in TermStar as well as in WebTerm Permalink: https://www.nimdzi.com/tbs/webterm/
The revision module is only offered when purchasing WebTerm (then for TermStar and WebTerm).

TermStar searches for terms in the source language. To have terms in other languages come up, you must set the language in which you want to search, as the source language.

The TermStar data model is fixed but users have the possibility to rename all fields according to their needs.

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TermStar NXT screenshot TermStar NXT screenshot TermStar NXT screenshot TermStar NXT screenshot TermStar NXT screenshot

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User management

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Term Approval Workflow

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Term History

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Custom Fields

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Term extraction

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Live suggestions from termbase

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Multilingual terms

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Forbidden terms

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Term Discussions

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Term Relations

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Morphologycheck_circle Supported
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