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Updated: 05 / 06 / 2019

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info_outline General Info

Country of Origin: Germany
Website: https://www.translate5.net/index/integrate#term-portal
Deployment modeldoneOn premises
donePrivate cloud
User AppdoneWeb

settings_input_component Integrations

API enableddoneREST

description Notes

Custom Fields => exists via TBX import. All fields that exist in the TBX import are reflected in the GUI.
Stemming for checking translations in translate5 editor is based on the data in the TermPortal, yet it is more part of translate5 editor, than of translate5 TermPortal.

image Screenshots

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local_atm Pricing

Translate5 is an open source tool. Contact the team for optional support.

usb Functionality

User managementcheck_circle Supported
Term Approval Workflowdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term Historydo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Custom Fieldscheck_circle Supported
Term extractiondo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Live suggestions from termbasecheck_circle Supported
Multilingual termscheck_circle Supported
Forbidden termscheck_circle Supported
Term Discussionsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term Relationsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Morphologyoffline_pin Partially Supported
Media supportdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported