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Updated: 24 / 09 / 2019

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info_outline General Info

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Deployment modeldoneOn premises
donePublic cloud
User AppdoneWindows desktop

settings_input_component Integrations

TMSdoneTrados Studio

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SDL Multiterm screenshot SDL Multiterm screenshot SDL Multiterm screenshot SDL Multiterm screenshot

local_atm Pricing

SDL MultiTerm Server is the terminology component of SDL Trados GroupShare. This collaboration hub offers teams access to termbases and provides a centralized location for access and rights management.
Possible to buy as a part of Trados Studio:
from 99 € for Trados Studio annual subscription,
695 € for Trados Studio Translation Edition.

There's also a Multiterm Online component.

For sharing terminology across the team, there's a cloud solution: SDL Language Cloud Terminology.

build QA check

SDL checkTerm

usb Functionality

User managementcheck_circle Supported
Term Approval Workflowcheck_circle Supported
Term Historycheck_circle Supported
Custom Fieldsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term extractioncheck_circle Supported
Live suggestions from termbasecheck_circle Supported
Multilingual termscheck_circle Supported
Forbidden termscheck_circle Supported
Term Discussionsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term Relationsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Morphologyoffline_pin Partially Supported
Media supportoffline_pin Partially Supported