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Updated: 31 / 01 / 2020

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info_outline General Info

Country of Origin: Hungary
Deployment modeldoneOn premises
donePrivate cloud
donePublic cloud
User AppdoneWeb
doneWindows desktop

settings_input_component Integrations

Authoring toolsdoneSCHEMA
API enableddone.NET

image Screenshots

memoQ and QTerm screenshot memoQ and QTerm screenshot

local_atm Pricing

memoQ term base is available free of charge as the core terminology component of memoQ. QTerm is the chargeable terminology add-on with flexible term base structure, designed for guest access & external review scenarios of server users.

Standalone memoQ translator pro costs 620 € as a perpetual license.

For company users’ teamwork and outsourcing scenarios memoQ server is available from 160 € / PM per month subscription; with additional 200 € monthly fee for QTerm.

build QA check

Covered by memoQ QA, the core quality assurance component of memoQ.
QA report generation is supported.

usb Functionality

User managementcheck_circle Supported
Term Approval Workflowcheck_circle Supported
Term Historycheck_circle Supported
Custom Fieldscheck_circle Supported
Term extractioncheck_circle Supported
Live suggestions from termbasecheck_circle Supported
Multilingual termscheck_circle Supported
Forbidden termscheck_circle Supported
Term Discussionscheck_circle Supported
Term Relationscheck_circle Supported
Morphologyoffline_pin Partially Supported
Media supportcheck_circle Supported