Updated: 03 / 06 / 2022

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Country of Origin: Hungary
Website: https://juremy.com/about
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Juremy.com is an online search tool providing fast and accurate bilingual concordance search in the EUR-Lex and IATE databases in 24 EU languages. Juremy is designed for the workflow of translators, lawyer-linguists and interpreters working with technical or EU-related texts.
In case of EU institutional translation and legal translation in general, consistency with preceding EU texts, exact referencing of and correct quotation from published documents, and the use of correct terminology must be provided in the translated text. To meet these standards, linguists need to spend a significant amount of time on terminology research and referencing. Juremy reduces time spent on each terminology or phrase lookup to only a few seconds by offering an easily searchable and regularly updated database using EU open data. In addition to bilingual phrase result display, Juremy shows relevant context data related to the source document (date, relevancy, source of law, topic), and automatically performs intelligent lookups for similar or just slightly different search terms. Through these features, Juremy saves time, makes referencing easier, and helps choose the right terminology

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Juremy offers a 30-day free trial of the full version, and monthly or yearly subscription. For more details please visit https://juremy.com/pricing .

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