Updated: 01 / 02 / 2020

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Country of Origin: France
User AppdonemacOS

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Free trial. The initial price for 1 month is USD 49, for 3 months - USD 99, for 3 years - USD 549, support and updates included.
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User managementcheck_circle Supported
Term Approval Workflowdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term Historydo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Custom Fieldsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term extractioncheck_circle Supported
Live suggestions from termbasecheck_circle Supported
Multilingual termscheck_circle Supported
Forbidden termsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term Discussionsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Term Relationsdo_not_disturb_on Not Supported
Morphologyoffline_pin Partially Supported
Media supportoffline_pin Partially Supported