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Updated: 16 / 03 / 2020

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info_outline General Info

Country of Origin: Germany
Deployment modeldoneOn premises
donePrivate cloud
donePublic cloud

settings_input_component Integrations

doneTrados Studio
Authoring toolsdoneCongree

description Notes

Congree helps improve the quality of content. The software makes a text consistent with the brand and marketing goals. Style (tone of voice), terminology, spelling, and grammar are checked on the basis of intelligent linguistic methods. Thanks to Authoring Memory, content can be reused throughout the company. Everything is customizable and integrated into the application users are accustomed to.
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usb Functionality

User managementcheck_circle Supported
Term Approval Workflowcheck_circle Supported
Term Historycheck_circle Supported
Custom Fieldscheck_circle Supported
Term extractioncheck_circle Supported
Live suggestions from termbasecheck_circle Supported
Multilingual termscheck_circle Supported
Forbidden termscheck_circle Supported
Term Discussionscheck_circle Supported
Term Relationscheck_circle Supported
Morphologyoffline_pin Partially Supported
Media supportoffline_pin Partially Supported