Gender roles

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Does language affect gender equality? Public  

The study of languages reveals a lot more than mere global differences in verbal and written communication. Languages reveal a lot about a people’s belief systems, political ideologies, and perceived social order – languages are a mirror into how communities see the world and how they in turn, see their individual and collective roles within it. […]

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Perceptions on translator gender Public  

Who comes to mind when you hear “professional translator?” We wanted to know, so we asked over 1,200 respondents in 11 countries around the globe. Each respondent was asked this question in their local language so as to not influence the data with a strictly bilingual audience. The results might just surprise you!        […]


Connecting to the global market Public  

Reaching out to a global market with a local view could end up costing your company a lot of money not to mention its reputation. Are you reaching out to the global market with a local view? Before you expand your brand overseas, stop and consider its message                  […]

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