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Daily Text Updates in Games How to Get Them Right – Nimdzi Finger Food

In last week’s Nimdzi’s Finger Food post, we discussed the Games as a Service business model in the game industry. We’re talking about games that are alive and in continuous development, engaging the gamer community through different strategies, such as season passes, subscriptions or microtransactions.

Games as a Service - The never-ending game

Games as a Service – Nimdzi Finger Food

Turn around, and look at how many text updates you can see… One of the main pains challenges of game localization projects is to handle the avalanche of daily text updates that come with the localization of certain games. These requests are becoming more and more common. Particularly, for those games that fall under the GaaS (Games as a Service) model or live games. These are different from the traditional model of Games as a Product or one-time-purchase games.


Six takeaways from LocWorld 37 in Warsaw Public  

Welcome to LocWorld 37! If you weren’t able to make it, we have summarized the main takeaways from the event. From the boom in data processing services and the leveraging of AI in localization workflow, to the TMS buying rampage, the gaming industry, startup companies and more, Nimdzi lists the highlights from LocWorld 37.    […]

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