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Conference Report: GALA 2019 Munich Public  

GALA is the Globalization and Localization Association’s annual conference. The global, non-profit trade association aims to support the language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.                                           Conference Report: GALA 2019 […]

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Podcast: Translation API Class and Cases Initiative Public  

TAPICC (Translation API Class and Cases Initiative) is an industry-wide program designed to create an open-source platform that makes the integration of CMS and TMS easier and less costly. Laura Brandon, the executive director of Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), and Jim Compton, the technology program manager for Moravia, explain why TAPICC matters to you! […]


LSPs – Bridging the gap between you and the outside world Public  

Although the varying skills and talents of language services providers are often hidden in the background, LSPs are bridging the gap between you and the outside world. LSPs are highly sought-after professionals in virtually every sector. No matter what service industry you work in, chances are, you’ve benefitted from the work of language services providers  […]


The humanity of translation (in a machine world) Public  

Some would argue that no machine will ever be able to replace human translators while others argue that there’s room enough for both. With the rising trend of MTs and CATs, are we dismissing the subtle nuances of language that have always existed? In one clean sweep, are we forgetting the humanity in our language?  […]

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Podcast: The logic of localizing African languages Public  

Africa’s technology and trade are expected to grow at an accelerated pace over the next decade and the population is projected to double by 2050. What are the challenges and opportunities that localization providers face as a new generation of Africans increasingly demands localized content? Join us for this fascinating conversation with Manuela Noske    […]

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