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China: The New Land of Plenty Public  

It’s early 2020 and by now it’s not exactly news when you hear someone declaring China as a land of opportunity. Most macro- and micro-economic indicators put the country at the top (or close to the top) of any list of the most dynamic economies of the world.


The Cost of Mistakes – Nimdzi Finger Food

Let’s clarify. Translation mistakes ARE fixable. Most of the time, anyway. Usually, the solution is to throw more money at it, to correct the problem and, if the language services provider (LSP) is the one at fault, it’s up to him to foot the bill.

Abominable issue

Mapping Contention: Avoiding Abominable Gaffes in Film and Media Public  

The status quo for global corporations and media doing business in the PRC has been to bow to Chinese influences and censorship pressures to avoid consequences such as getting their products or company banned in the market. With an increased public awareness of this practice comes an increased risk of public backlash, with consequences ranging from public relations issues to mockery to potential boycotting and financial losses.

ESPN Chinese Map Geopolitical Issues and Cultural Awareness

Crossing the [Nine Dash] Line: Treading the Waters of Geopolitical Issues Public  

A few weeks ago, ESPN’s use of a map of China featuring the Nine Dash Line may have gone unnoticed or passed off as a careless gaffe. The map, rarely seen outside of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), was featured on an October 9 broadcast about the fallout between the NBA and China over a (subsequently deleted) tweet by Houston Rocket’s general manager in support of the Hong Kong citizens who are resisting Beijing’s increased influence in the governance of Hong Kong en masse.

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