Best practices

How to get the most out of your interpreter

How to Get the Most out of Your Interpreter Public  

You’re going to a conference. You’ve spent months preparing your speech and you’re ready to deliver your well-crafted message to your audience. There’s only one problem — half the audience doesn’t speak your language. Thankfully, there are interpreters at the event. But how do you ensure they convey the message the way you intended it? […]

A weekend in the life of a project manager

A Weekend in the Life of a Localization Project Manager Public  

Localization is a 24/7 business. You probably knew this already. Buyers have a budget to burn, stakeholders to please, and end users waiting. Translators must deal with it. Salespeople nervously fidget while waiting for a positive outcome. And project managers (PMs) need to make sure everything is clicking. Sometimes, weekends are a luxury. A Weekend […]

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