Podcast:  Should Localization Education Ride the Technology Wave?

Podcast: Should Localization Education Ride the Technology Wave? Public 

School is back in session! In this episode, Michael interviews a panel of localization professors—Max Troyer, Jon Ritzdorf and Jan Grodecki—about how they are preparing students for the future of localization. They discuss how curriculum should both ride the wave of current technology as well as teach students traditional critical skills. Other topics include the […]

A weekend in the life of a project manager

A Weekend in the Life of a Localization Project Manager Public  

Localization is a 24/7 business. You probably knew this already. Buyers have a budget to burn, stakeholders to please, and end users waiting. Translators must deal with it. Salespeople nervously fidget while waiting for a positive outcome. And project managers (PMs) need to make sure everything is clicking. Sometimes, weekends are a luxury. A Weekend […]


AKM Translations – a Russian leader in educational partnership Public  

In light of the overwhelming engagement we received following our article on Education in Localization , we decided to place a spotlight on a unique partnership that has recently developed in Russia between AKM Translations and Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk, Russia).                              […]


Six takeaways from LocWorld 37 in Warsaw Public  

Welcome to LocWorld 37! If you weren’t able to make it, we have summarized the main takeaways from the event. From the boom in data processing services and the leveraging of AI in localization workflow, to the TMS buying rampage, the gaming industry, startup companies and more, Nimdzi lists the highlights from LocWorld 37.    […]


Conference report: MESA Europe Forum Public  

Media localization dominated the European Mesa Forum as arguably today’s most attractive the language services market segment. Revenue for mid-sized Netflix localization vendors is exploding. Voice and Script International grew 88 percent last year, and Zoo Digital has seen an increase of 143 percent over two years. Together, they became 2017’s fastest growing LSPs    […]

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Podcast: Ethics in machine translation Public  

Today’s language market sees more machine translated words than what was translated throughout the entire corpus of human language in the past. What does this mean from an ethical perspective for professional translators, and how does it change our primary offerings? Join us for a fascinating discussion on a topic that impacts us all    […]

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