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Dawn of the abstraction layer Public  

Whenever a class of services or technology becomes electronically available via an API, companies can aggregate and resell multiple brands of that offering. The reseller compares offers and helps to determine the best one. Individual brands become less relevant, and more abstract.                            […]


Terminology management systems comparisonExecutive Summary 

Terminology management is a vital step in any successful translation project. As a key asset of SEO and content management, terminology is also essential for data transfer and perception by the target audience. In fact, we all use terminology. Read the full report to learn why investing in management terminology just makes sense.      […]

TMS API Comparison Take 2 (backend image)

TMS API Comparison Public  

For the buyer, on-boarding a TMS means evaluating how detailed and robust the associated APIs are. For the API vendor, it’s important to ensure all functionalities can be operated via the API, and that the API is intuitive and developer-friendly. Check out Nimdzi’s first summary of what TMS users should look for in an API.    […]

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