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The language services industry is all about providing, well, language services. Services, as a rule, are something that are incredibly hard to patent or trademark. You cannot patent the act of translating any more than you could copyright a verb. This doesn’t mean that translation companies haven’t tried to get a competitive advantage by building and protecting their own intellectual property (IP). Usually this comes in the form of either patenting a technology or a certain workflow process. Most of the time, though, the technologies and the workflow processes are so interconnected that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other.

Language technology

Top Language Technology Countries Public  

From typewriters to machine translation, technology has continuously transformed language services. The future capacity of companies and individuals to win business and influence the industry depends on having a technological advantage. Locations with hubs of impactful and popular language technologies will attract better talent, create more jobs, and enjoy economic development more than others. So, […]

Data services

Data Services: Why They Are Not a Miracle Cure for LSP growth Public  

USD 500 million in data services and machine intelligence work. This is what Appen, Lionbridge, Pactera, Welocalize, Alibaba LS, and other techy language service providers (LSPs) will likely generate in revenue this year. That’s close to 7 percent of revenue generated by the global Top-100 LSPs, and it’s on par with the volume they derive […]

TAUS Global Content Summit

TAUS Global Content Summit Conference Report Public  

How do companies find the human touch in a global ecosystem of increasingly prevalent language technology? How willing are clients to embrace innovative translation platforms? How do you combine human and translation technology to optimize the localization process and effectively deliver content internationally? These are some of the topics covered at the TAUS Global Content […]

GALA keynote 1

Conference Report: GALA 2019 Munich Public  

GALA is the Globalization and Localization Association’s annual conference. The global, non-profit trade association aims to support the language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.                                           Conference Report: GALA 2019 […]

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