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Africa: The Land of (Localization) Opportunity

Africa: The Land of (Localization) Opportunity – Nimdzi Finger Food

58 percent of respondents in North Africa, and nearly 40 percent of respondents in Sub-Saharan Africa reported that the internet’s lack of culturally and linguistically-relevant content was one of the most significant reasons why these mobile users chose not to access the Internet. In Egypt alone, 70 percent of those surveyed identified this to be a problem.

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The Jalada Translation Project Public  

78 – that is the current number of languages that the short story, “Ituĩka Rĩa Mũrũngarũ: Kana Kĩrĩa Gĩtũmaga Andũ Mathiĩ Marũngiĩ has been translated into and that number is increasing. As if this isn’t impressive enough, the Jalada Translation Project was envisioned and executed on an entirely voluntary basis. Sometimes it just isn’t about […]

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Africa’s ecommerce boom Public  

Nigeria is home to Africa’s largest economy and over 50 percent of Nigerians are now online. The Nigerian government is investing heavily power generation, transportation, and technology infrastructure, and the world is taking notice. Are you ready?                                      […]

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Podcast: The logic of localizing African languages Public  

Africa’s technology and trade are expected to grow at an accelerated pace over the next decade and the population is projected to double by 2050. What are the challenges and opportunities that localization providers face as a new generation of Africans increasingly demands localized content? Join us for this fascinating conversation with Manuela Noske    […]

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