Software Localization Vertical Report


This report is the result of research conducted gathering data from multiple sources. Surveys and extensive interviews were held with buyer-side localization managers, vendor companies, and third-party industry observers and analysts to provide a comprehensive analysis in this report.

For insights from the buyer side, we reached out to companies that are involved in different software development, large (Global 100 Software Leaders) and small. We also interviewed large vendors from the Nimdzi 100 list of largest LSPs, as well as smaller language service providers that directly service the software and the IT industry.

This results in an overview that reflects main trends and views, helping us to answer the question, “What is the future of software localization and how can language service providers (LSPs) prepare for it?”

Information contained in this report

  1. TL;DR
  2. IT industry overview
  3. Localization buyers
  4. Localization providers
  5. Localization technology and automation
  6. Conclusion

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