Simplify and Automate Your Localization Process


Are your beautifully complex localization workflows keeping you awake at night? Do you feel like they’re controlling you more than you’re controlling them? Look no further! Worry no more! We have a cool, no-frills exercise to help you make them work for you. Ready to look at your workflows with fresh eyes? Let’s go!

Here’s the quick and dirty tip to simplifying and automating your localization process: look at your workflows using value-stream mapping (VSM). VSM is a lean technique that enables you to visualize all the steps involved in a process, leading you to identify the areas that need adjusting at a glance, to assess the true effort required for each area, and to come up with  solutions to improve your workflow — stat.

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The full article goes into more detail on tactics you can adopt to see what and how you can streamline in your tech setup.
3 October 2022

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