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ICD Translation


Nimdzi acted as an broker-advisor to ICD Translation

ICDTranslation (ICD) was founded in 1991 By Dany Olier and Catherine Deschamps-Potter. The company has offices in Milwaukee, Denver and Tampa in the US. Provides translation & interpreting services across a number of client verticals and is considered an e-learning specialist. ICD was built with a strong customer focussed ethos and has a great reputation in the industry.

Founded in 1995, Argo Translation (Argo) delivers cost-effective, translation, interpreting and localisation services. Argo has experienced strong growth in recent years reporting 26% to 29% revenue growth since 2020. Argo is led by Peter Argondizzo and Jackie Lucarelli. 

Dany Olier, President & Cofounder of ICD Translation, agrees. ”The combination of our technologies, resources, and innovations will be a huge asset for everyone involved and allow us to strengthen and expand the impact of superior language services. We can’t wait to join the team at Argo Translation.”

Catherine Deschamps-Potter , Vice President & Co-founder of ICD Translation, also weighed in on the acquisition. “It has been a pleasure working with so many great companies over the years. We know Argo Translation will take great care of our customers.”

Business will continue out of Argo Translation’s headquarters in Glenview, Illinois in the metro-Chicago area. ICD Translation co-founders Dany Olier and Catherine Deschamps-Potter will consult during the transition. The entire ICD team will continue their work with Argo Translation.

“Understanding is at the heart of everything we do,” said Peter Argondizzo, who founded Argo Translation with Jackie Lucarelli in 1995, “We’ve always respected ICD Translation as a company, specifically for its commitment to customer service, which aligns perfectly with our team. Through this acquisition, we are confident that we’ll provide our customers with the best possible outcomes, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.”

“Working with Jonathan Otis and Nimdzi really paved the way to a smooth transaction. There are tons of emotions involved in an acquisition and Jonathan did a great job managing expectations and keeping the process moving forward."-Peter Argondizzo

Nimdzi provided broker-advisor services to ICD.


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Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
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Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
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