International Market Research and Competitive Analysis

One of the biggest challenges any brand faces in going global is understanding the market beyond local borders. The benefits of expanding your international footprint must be balanced against the complexity and risks associated with the task, that’s why you need to find a trusted market research agency that understands the international market research process to make sure that local success translates into global success. An international market research consultant has not just the statistical skills to gather data on customer behavior, market landscape, and market share but the global understanding to interpret that data and provide time and money-saving guidance. 

Market research is daunting enough when it’s in your own backyard, doing it on an international scale can seem impossible. This is where choosing the right research and consulting company for your projects and company’s success makes the difference between heading forward blindly and heading forward with confidence. Nimdzi’s market researcher and advisors focus efforts on applying research methodologies and primary and secondary research to provide you with key insights. Nimdzi experts working on your project leverage their years of experience to help you understand the global market and avoid common (and not-so-common) pitfalls, all while giving you actionable insights that can form the core of your growth strategy. (See all Success Stories)

Nimdzi Insights’ niche knowledge of international business, localization, and market research sets it apart from its competitors

What sets Nimdzi apart from other market research firms is the breadth and depth of our diverse team’s niche knowledge and experience with international business, language services, and localization. Our nuanced and thorough cultural, social, and political insights as well as in-depth competitor analysis help you understand the challenges and opportunities that await you on the global stage.

You’ve invested time, energy, and money to create impact with your brand locally, and now it’s time to go global. You want to invest your resources as carefully in your expansion as you did when your company was first starting. The consultant team at Nimdzi is the wisest investment you can make in the continued success of your company.  

You may have questions such as:

  • What are the different approaches to prioritizing content for localization, What if budget is hard to come by?
  • What does the market look like for a new, international product or service?
  • What cultural, geo-political, and socio-economic factors will contribute to how people will receive my product in a new market?
  • What do we need to know before we expand internationally? Which markets would be best to consider at the current stage in my company’s development?
  • What does a growing and thriving company need to do to ride trends in local markets? Where should we allocate assets?
  • Which classes of technology could render our solution obsolete in the next few years?

International Market Research, Customized for Your Product Abroad 

Your product is unique. Like that of its competitors, your product’s reception abroad will be influenced by a number of nuanced factors. To equip our clients with the insights they need to break into a new market, Nimdzi provides analysis on topics such as:

  • Overviews on markets’ demographics and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Digital profiles
  • Buyer behavior insights
  • Cultural and geo-political norms and evolutions
  • Go-to-market guides on your market and vertical

How Nimdzi Can Help

Take a look at some of the freely available research we have published, and contact us today to find out what kind of custom research package we can design for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is international expansion important?

Simply put: because there’s more than one country in the world. In today’s increasingly connected global environment, restricting your business to one market is just not an option if you want to grow. International expansion makes your business accessible and inclusive, as well as driving growth and profit.

How do you expand internationally?

There’s no one answer to this other than: with careful preparation and expert guidance. That’s why we work with you to learn your business and your needs. We help you assess your current business trajectory and optimize it for international expansion.

What are the benefits of expanding internationally?

In a word, more. More accessibility. More markets. More talent. More brand recognition. More customers. More growth. More competitive advantage. When you’re ready, expanding your business internationally is the logical next step in taking your business to the next level.

How do you decide where to expand internationally?

Any expansion requires hours and hours of research, planning, and analysis. You could invest these hours of time and energy into exhaustive research…or you could work with the industry experts at Nimdzi who are ready to analyze your business, listen to your goals, and prepare you to expand into exactly the right market, at exactly the right time.

Case Studies

Public buying organisations and industry standard pricing

Public buying organisations and industry standard pricing

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