“Nimdzi’s consultants understand that language and culture drive much of customer decision-making processes. Global business consulting that focuses on market intelligence but ignores these deeper factors, will not provide a complete roadmap to success. We take a holistic approach to consulting that covers the pillars of success in the global marketplace.”

Global readiness

Understand your markets and your customers in the short term. Stay ahead of a changing world in the long run. Customer sentiment, behavior and preferences are intimately linked to language, culture, and politics. Nimdzi can help reveal predictive patterns.

  • Make informed decisions in new or volatile territory

  • Head in a strategic and tactical direction, informed by independent analysis

  • Retain control over your brand

  • Maximize positive brand sentiment with messaging that truly resonates with global customers

  • Minimize risk in the domains of public sentiment as well as in legal, regulatory, and power dynamics

  • Predict and avoid future geocultural issues

  • Keep language current

Technology consulting

“Technology is the driving force behind the evolution of the language services industry. LSPs are being asked to do more with less, and until we perfect our translator cloning process, the only way to do this is through technology and automation.” – The General Theory of the Translation Company.

Here are just some of the areas in which Nimdzi Insights can assist you with your technology needs:

  • RFP outsourcing for TMS selection

    RFPs typically run for months and can easily cost enterprises tens of thousands of dollars in salaried employees’ time. Furthermore, the cost of TMS ownership can range from USD 5,000 with average deal size typically ranging from USD 25,000 to USD 250,000. More expensive solutions are not necessarily future-proof. We can cut your RFP time in half by providing up-to-date comparisons, and help your company save around half a million dollars over 5-7 years by finding the best-fit solution for your particular use cases.

  • Tech stack strategy

    Nimdzi can run an audit and propose a localization tech stack taking into consideration the roadmaps of tech developers and technology trends.

    • How to future-proof your solution
    • Which elements of the tech stack your company might be missing
  • Tech specifications review for custom TMS

    Launching a new solution with a grant from the European Union? Save yourself a few months of work development by reviewing specifications early with Nimdzi’s technology specialists.

  • Benchmarking & SWOT analysis for LSP TMS

    So, you have developed a custom solution. How good is it, and how unique? Will it add to your company’s valuation? What is it missing? On which areas should you focus your development? Could you make money selling it?

Short-term consulting packages

Market research analysts and consultants like us act as accelerators for your plans. They should show you what you would otherwise have missed, they should challenge your enthusiasm with a reality check, and they should present you with areas of opportunity that you may not have considered.

A good consultant will quickly work themselves out of a job. We have learned from our partners that within three to six months, they have acquired most of the knowledge that you need to be successful towards their goals.

Longer-term consulting packages

There is certainly a time and place for short term consulting engagements, but often more is needed. That is why we offer a standard three-month package that lets us work with our clients over time to intimately understand their challenges. Over this longer time period, we can set goals, monitor progress, and adjust course as needed.

The formula we have found to work best is what we call the Upswing Consulting Program: Three visits, each lasting three days, over the course of three months. Having a month between visits means that each session ends with practical action items and measurable goal-setting to be followed up on during the next visit. Though each consulting project is customized to meet the unique needs of each client, an example agenda for such an engagement is below.



Remote kick-off calls to define goals and set expectations. Preparation is key, and we will do the footwork before meeting in person to make sure we get the most out of our onsite meetings.


1st Month:
Client review (3 days):

  • Evaluation of resources and competencies
  • Discussions on short and medium-term goals
  • Presentation on market outlook and possible growth models
  • Selection of priority projects in sales and production
  • Focus on sales and marketing

2nd Month (3 days):

  • Evaluation of people, processes, and technology
  • Interviews with key staff about customer service and expectations
  • Identification of project and training opportunities
  • Identification of opportunities for expansion
  • Focus on project management

3rd Month (3 days):

  • Follow-up on opportunities identified in the previous sessions
  • Specific training in sales, project management, and customer service
  • Other projects identified in the previous sections


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