Riding the Language Technology Hype Wave

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Today, we have put together our view of the most hyped language technology-related terms in the translation and localization industry over the past five years. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on new publications.

Since November 2022, everybody in the language industry has been talking about ChatGPT. It is an undeniable trend firmly occupying the minds of many. New implementation scenarios and use cases for ChatGPT emerge daily, and GPT-4 has just been released. But will it stay as hyped in the next five years, or will it become as normal as Machine Translation (MT) for us?

In search of the answer, we decided to take a retrospective look at the language technology trends. Here’s how the most hyped themes have changed in the past five years.

We hope you enjoy perusing the infographic and encourage you to comment on the most hyped trends, terms, and abbreviations you noticed in the language technology arena in recent years. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

15 March 2023

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