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Podcast: All About Internationalization Public 

Internationalization is one of those things that everybody talks about, but few people know how to do it. In this episode of Globally Speaking, we invited Jeff Knorr, Managing Director of Internationalization Labs, to explain to us why we still need to internationalize software in this Unicode world. He also chats about the most common […]

The Year of Indigenous Languages

The Year of Indigenous Languages Public  

It is estimated that a language dies every two weeks. This means that every two weeks, we lose a part of human history and culture, and a unique view of the world. Languages dying is nothing new, but the rate at which they’re dying is becoming ever more alarming. What’s even more troubling is that […]

Language industry verticals

Language Industry Verticals Free to preview  

The language industry consists of segments that move at different speeds and have different sizes. Companies that specialize in a fast-growing and sizeable vertical can enjoy a steady increase in business. For buyers of language services, it makes sense to select a provider with the appropriate portfolio size in their vertical. Those companies will speak […]

Language technology

Top Language Technology Countries Public  

From typewriters to machine translation, technology has continuously transformed language services. The future capacity of companies and individuals to win business and influence the industry depends on having a technological advantage. Locations with hubs of impactful and popular language technologies will attract better talent, create more jobs, and enjoy economic development more than others. So, […]

Talking Transcription part 1

Podcast: Talking Transcription Part 1 Public 

In this episode of Globally Speaking, we chat with Jamie Hartz, a veteran Spanish-to-English translation and transcription professional, about the art and process of transcription, what tools are available, whether automation is viable and the human impact of her transcription work. Podcast: Talking Transcription Part 1Featuring Jamie Hartz, ATA-certified translator Today’s discussion In this episode […]

How to get the most out of your interpreter

How to Get the Most out of Your Interpreter Public  

You’re going to a conference. You’ve spent months preparing your speech and you’re ready to deliver your well-crafted message to your audience. There’s only one problem — half the audience doesn’t speak your language. Thankfully, there are interpreters at the event. But how do you ensure they convey the message the way you intended it? […]

Remote working

Remote Working in LocalizationExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

It is no longer a controversial statement to say that the workplace is changing. The increasingly competitive market for talented labor is leading companies to rethink traditional management philosophies in order to remain attractive to the most qualified applicants. Remote Working in LocalizationThe Language Industry Is Ahead of the Pack Introduction It is no longer […]

Internationalization and all that jazz

Internationalization: 5 Steps to Prepare a Game for Localization Public  

Unlocalized text embedded in graphics, truncations, grammar issues… Are those relics of past mobile game localizations? Unfortunately, no. Even today, in Q3 2019, you may install a game on your smartphone that boasts of supporting more than 20 languages, and you are still not safe from localization fails. Internationalization and All That Jazz5 steps to […]

Around-the-clock Innovation

Podcast: Around-the-clock Innovation Public 

In this episode of Globally Speaking, we chat with Ultan O’Broin, long-term IT Product Manager, about the staggering rate of change, how innovation is related to empathy and how to get started. Plus, learn what a crapplication is and why he wears three watches. Podcast: Around-the-clock InnovationFeaturing Ultan O’Broin, long-term IT Product Manager Today’s discussion […]

Data services

Data Services: Why They Are Not a Miracle Cure for LSP growth Public  

USD 500 million in data services and machine intelligence work. This is what Appen, Lionbridge, Pactera, Welocalize, Alibaba LS, and other techy language service providers (LSPs) will likely generate in revenue this year. That’s close to 7 percent of revenue generated by the global Top-100 LSPs, and it’s on par with the volume they derive […]

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