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Translation public sector tenders in Russia Public  

Did you think the biggest threat to translation business is machine translation? Depending on where you are doing business, you may need to think again. Let’s take a look at how mandated tendering has slowly but surely been destroying LSP profitability in the Russian market and what some savvy LSPs are doing about it    […]

IKEA China3

How IKEA Does It – Lessons in localizationExclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

Just how does IKEA do it? In this report, we focus on IKEA’s centralization and localization processes and localization budget, as well as the structure and processes for their successful project management, quality control, vendor management, and technology                                    […]


How Netflix Does It – Lessons in localization Exclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

Netflix is trudging straight toward world domination. They have found a formula that seems to work for them for international expansion, and upper management has made international expansion a priority. Having just received USD 1.6 billion in funding, there is no chance that Netflix will slow down now. So how do they do it?      […]


Money spent online: who, where, and how much? Exclusive for Nimdzi Partners 

Money spent online: who, where, and how much? –  Report summary –  The future of business is online. Online subscription services stream music directly to end-users without ever having to ship an album. The growth of online activity even affects companies that sell physical goods in brick-and-mortar stores by making it easier for them to […]


Like fish in a pond – Employee churn in localization Public  

The language business is like a pond of murky water. Often we can’t see past the end of our nose. We’ve no idea how big our pond is but we do know that it’s teeming with schools of fish who all know each other! Take a trip with us into the language services “pond.”    […]

Jello Image

The Jell-O Effect Public  

We’re the kind of guys who like to learn something new each day. Recently, we read about an interesting concept – the Jell-O effect. And now we’re sharing it with you, the altruists that we are. Who knows? It just might help you to better understand one of the many facets of the localization business […]


Welcome to the localization jungle Public  

New to localization? A buyer looking to better understand what’s in store for you, or a language industry veteran? No matter who you are or why you came, welcome to the jungle. We got fun and languages aplenty for you!                                  […]


Don’t sell snake oil Public  

Inexperienced consumers often confuse machine translation and human translation – until, that is, their foreign customers start screaming at them. And sometimes new language technology providers eager to sell their latest and greatest, complicate matters even further. Technology advancements are great, and we’re all for it, so please don’t sell us snake oil      […]

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