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Lessons in localization

11 June 2024

Lessons in Localization: YAZIO

YAZIO, a German-based health and nutrition app, offers users nutritional information, meal tracking, and health goal setting. Available in 20 languages, YAZIO e...

17 April 2024

Lessons in Localization: Asana

Explore Asana's approach to localization, a key strategy in their mission to connect teams globally by breaking down language barriers and embracing cultural nu...

17 April 2024

Lessons in Localization: LOVOO

A veteran of the online dating world, LOVOO is best-known in German-speaking Europe — the DACH region — where it is one of the top dating apps. The app is a...

15 April 2024

Lessons in Localization: Workday

Under Loy Searle's leadership, Workday's localization strategy has significantly evolved, enhancing its global competitiveness. Centralizing into a single Cente...

9 April 2024

Lessons in Localization: Medable

Dive into Medable's strategic approach to international expansion and localization in the digital medicine space. Learn how they navigate new markets, adapt to ...

14 March 2024

Lessons in Localization: Easygenerator

Easygenerator's localization strategy is a testament to the company's dedication to providing a seamless and localized user experience. With Aurelia at the helm...

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