Remote Working in the Language Industry

Language services professionals work remotely more often than any other industry.

The language services industry is more remote-worker-friendly than any other industry, Nimdzi Insights uncovered in a recent report. You could say this makes sense, given the global nature of our business.

Language services VS other industries

Source: Gallup poll & Nimdzi Insights

You are 25 percent more likely to find remote workers in the language services sector than in any other.

Source: Gallop poll & Nimdzi Insights

We dug deeper to learn whether our “common sense” assumptions about our industry are true. Not only were they confirmed, but we learned additional insights too:

  • Vendor-side workers are more likely to have remote working situations than client-side workers.
  • Linguists are the most likely team members to work remotely full-time, followed by vendor managers and sales personnel. This is understandable, given that these functions benefit from close proximity to supply chains and clients, which may not always be near a brick and mortar office. 
  • Remote work is not highly correlated to years of experience in the industry. 
  • Gender plays no role in whether an employee works remotely or from the office.

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