Language services and technology market – 2019

Language Services Market 2019

Join us in the drive to map the language industry and bring transparency to a fragmented market. Feature your company among world leaders. Over 20,000 localization buyers, investors, and industry professionals accessed the first resource. More to come!

What You Get

Competition grows every year. Be noticed among the leaders in your field. Nimdzi’s list tracks prominent players in the market for buyers and investors. 

  • Be on the radar of top localization professionals
  • Receive a certificate affirming your position in the global Top-100
  • Find out with us how fast the market is growing

The Research Effort

We map important companies and strive to size the market accurately. To develop the ranking, our researchers draw upon surveys, annual reports, public sector contract information, and interviews with in-country experts. Where no official figures are available, we include important companies on the list with an estimate. To make sure that your company is featured with the most recent and accurate information, please fill in the form before February 10, 2019.

The industry is on the move. Let’s go!

Konstantin Dranch
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Renato Beninatto
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9 January 2019

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