Ranking Language Technology Regions

Technology has continuously transformed language services. The future capacity of companies and individuals to win business and influence the industry depends on having a technological advantage. Locations with hubs of impactful and popular language technologies will attract better talent, create more jobs, and enjoy economic development more than others.

Nimdzi mapped a sample of 415 modern software products from the Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas by country and assigned influence scores based on estimated revenues and popularity with users.

Regional rank, by tech influence and number of key products

Source: Nimdzi Insights

Countries and cities with important language technology hubs have seen hundreds of jobs created, industry conferences launched, specialist schools opened, and venture investment attracted. For national and city governments, there is a lot of sense in developing language technology hubs around existing companies and universities because it drives local economies.

However, it’s not enough. Technology without a connection to the global marketplace, and without users, is not going to be impactful. Its chances to succeed will be hampered. Selling language technology, evangelizing, and promoting it will be as important as developing the actual product.

If you want to read more on how different countries rank, read Nimdzi’s full article here.

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