Identify a change


During this course, you will identify one change to use as an example. This doesn’t have to be a real change needed, or a high priority change. However, it should be a change that is needed at an organizational or group level (ie: not a personal change). It can be a practical change like implementing a new technology, or it can be a cultural change like shifting to a more customer-focused mindset.


  • Large or small changes are OK
  • Use an organizational or group change (let’s avoid personal change for now)
  • OK to be controversial or wild
  • Don’t think too hard – this is just an exercise!


  • Switching from freelancers to SLVs (vendor management)
  • Deploying terminology management system (technology)
  • Changing internal communication practices (administrative/cultural)
  • Transitioning PM team to home offices (program management)
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