More than 800 technology solutions analyzed in the Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas

Market research firm Nimdzi Insights collects data from providers of more than 800 technology solutions.

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The arena of language technology continues to grow rapidly in 2022. Market research and consulting company Nimdzi Insights, a firm with niche expertise in the localization industry, has collected data on language technology companies throughout 2022. In a year-long project, the firm released a report classifying over 800 language tech tools into categories.

The language technology categories defined by Nimdzi include translation management systems, translation business management systems, audiovisual translation tools, machine translation tools, integrators, marketplaces and platforms, interpreting systems, quality management tools, and speech recognition tools.

The 2022 report maps around 200 more tools than the 2021 report. To compile the data, Nimdzi researchers reviewed new additions, demoed tools, and crosschecked changes with companies listed in the previous report.

This year’s report gives a special focus to virtual interpreting technology. Researchers have noted significant interest in automated oral communication, interpreting, and various speech technologies.

“Remote interpreting solutions, in particular, have stepped out of the shadows to become the key to continuity of business and care in many industries. It is a vivid space,” states one of the report’s lead researchers Yulia Akhulkova.

While this year’s report focuses on virtual interpreting technology, the 2021 report was devoted to machine translation (MT). Mt is another point of expertise for Nimdzi, who, in collaboration with Weglot, released a report earlier this year entitled “The State of Machine Translation for Websites.”

The Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas offers a unified view of the current language technology landscape. The freely accessible annual report provides readers with insights into major tech advancements and demonstrates the value and potential of technology solutions designed for the language industry.

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