17% of Translation Companies in the Nimdzi 100 Ranking are Woman-Owned or Woman-Run


In light of International Women’s Day, Nimdzi Insights reports on the successes of women in the language services industry.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNTIED STATES, March 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- International Women’s Day 2022 is a day to celebrate women's achievements and increase the visibility of women’s issues. It was first celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. This year, Nimdzi Insights, a market research and international consulting firm, draws attention to the woman-owned companies in the language services industry using data from the recently-published report. The research ranks the top 100 language service providers and expands on the success and trends of the industry.

“Our field is already filled with leading women at all levels of organizations,” said Alessandra Binazzi, Chief Consultant at Alessandra Binazzi Consulting. “Localization is ahead of the curve when it comes to women representation compared to many other sectors.”

The niche space is the powerhouse for international communication through translation, subtitling, dubbing, transcreation, and other language services.

In honor of International Women’s Day 2022, Nimdzi Insights’ sister company MultiLingual magazine will focus on highlighting women in the language service industry by featuring 52 women driving the language industry, each with their own stories and insights to share. MultiLingual staff recently interviewed Kateryna Rietz-Rakul, Ph.D., a language services professional who interpreted for Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

While the industry as a whole has room to grow, 17% of the translation companies in the Nimdzi 100 are women-owned. This number is down from 20% in 2020, and only a few of the women-owned language service companies are in the top 50 of the ranking, reports Nimdzi Insights. Only one of the top-20-ranked language-service companies is led by a female.

Nimdzi highlights the achievements of Translation Bureau’s Lucie Séguin. For the second year running, Lucie is the only female CEO of a Nimdzi top 20-ranked company and the only woman to lead a company with revenues above USD 150 million.

“It's unfortunate that not as many women are taking high-level leadership positions,” said Claudia Mirza, co-founder and CEO of Akorbi. “I have traveled around the world giving conferences and speaking to women. And I think the major sentiment is that we as women have to believe in ourselves more and set ourselves free.”

It’s not all bad news, though - especially compared to other industries. Based on these figures, the language industry still outperforms many others - just 8.2% of all companies on the Fortune 500 are women-owned in 2022.

“There is still progress to be made, but it’s important to congratulate our female CEOs on their achievements and recognize those in the industry who are already pushing forward, paving the way for others,” said Hannah Leske, Localization Consultant for Nimdzi Insights.

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