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Nimdzi Insights is committed to providing the most accurate research and reporting on language services and the localization sector. Thank you for taking a moment to contribute to the current surveys we have running.

Language Service Provider Ranking 2023 - Nimdzi 100

This popular resource has been accessed by more than 20,000 buyers, investors, and industry professionals.

Business Confidence Study

As the language services industry is always growing, and as we like to say: “it is impervious to crisis”, there is always a need for language services which is why our industry tends to outpace the global economy. This makes it a particularly interesting time to ask: “How is business?”

State of the Audiovisual Translation Market

Through this survey, Nimdzi aims to get a better understanding of the current state of the audiovisual translation market. We’d love to hear your perspective on audiovisual translation.

State of the TMS Market 2022 Survey

Through this survey, Nimdzi aims to get a better understanding of the current state of what the TMS (Translation Management System) market has to offer. For localization professionals including: freelancers, LSPs, LSBs.

The Interpreting Provider Ranking

This survey helps provide insights on the world of interpreting. It’s a popular resource has is accessed by buyers of language services, investors, and industry professionals across the globe. Executives at interpreting companies are invited to participate.

Language Technology Atlas Survey

This survey devoted to updating new solutions of the Language Technology Atlas! If you are a new company, you have developed something new, or for some reason, your solution is not yet on the Nimdzi radar, feel free to proceed to our 7 questions.

The ALC Industry Survey 2022

The ALC Industry Survey is a key tool for Language Service Company owners to prepare their businesses for changing market values for the year.

Australian Language Services Industry Survey

This survey forms the basis for the only market research report focusing on the language services landscape in Australia. Language service providers in Australia are invited to participate.

Association of Language Services Survey 2021

This survey forms the baseline for the industry report of the Association of Language Companies. The report based on this data will provide an overview of the current challenges, opportunities, and trends that ALC members face in the market in the US and abroad and how the market developed in comparison to last year.
Why participate?

Why participate?

You are a vital cog in the larger language services industry machine. Your knowledge and experience is valuable. We do not ask you to share all of it with us. Your participation is a choice you can make. But consider this: Your knowledge will help us paint a better, more accurate picture of the tremendous work done by professionals in the language service industry, and help Nimdzi Insights in our quest to attract the attention it deserves!

How we do surveys

How we do surveys

Our surveys are developed with a concrete research topic in mind and fuel Nimdzi’s publications and/or client-mandated research projects. We strive to make them convenient to respond to and engaging – on occasion though, they may be a bit longer to work through. Once a survey is closed, our analysts proceed with a verification step to validate the responses based on pre-determined criteria. Only responses that meet required acceptance thresholds are used for analysis, in order to ensure the objectivity and validity of the conclusions.

Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

This needs to be said: We respect your anonymity. Unless required for the purposes of market sizing, we stray away from mandatory questions asking you for your name or that of your company. Data collected during the survey is not shared with any third parties at any moment. We like to give something back in return for your participation too – you may be asked whether you want to receive an executive summary.