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You’ve come to the right place. We help our clients successfully navigate international expansion through research, consulting, education, and geocultural intelligence. We work with clients of all different backgrounds to help solve their unique challenges.


Nimdzi’s co-founders, Renato Beninatto and Tucker Johnson, co-authored The General Theory of the Translation Company, a chronicle of their combined decades of leadership experience working in and around language service providers (LSPs). Today, this experience is put to use to help Nimdzi’s clients to grow and succeed. Nimdzi shares this knowledge through our market research “Insight Reports“, custom-tailored consulting engagements, and hosted workshops for Sales & Marketing or Project Management. 

For a full list of services available to LSPs, please refer to our services and pricing page or contact Nimdzi today.

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Nimdzi Insights is a diverse team of analysts, linguists, consultants, technology geeks, and researchers with one goal – Helping our clients succeed in the global marketplace.

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We keep it simple. We provide our clients with four critical ingredients to success: 


At Nimdzi, we believe that a lot of our industry’s challenges stem from the fact that not everybody has access to the same quality and quantity of information. With more access to better information, everybody wins. That is why our clients, whether large, small, or in-between, get access to all of our published research.

With our Nimdzi Partnership model, subscribing companies get full access to all our research. We don’t charge based on number of users – everybody in our clients’ organization gets full access. We know that our research is only useful if it is consumed by as many people as possible. That is why we will even work with you to help evangelize Nimdzi services within your organization to encourage all of your team members to take full advantage of our research and services. 

We don’t provide different sets of information to “buyer-side” and “vendor-side” clients. Doing so only widens the information gap. Everybody gets the same high-quality information so that everybody can make high-quality decisions. 

Check out our services and pricing page for more details, or contact us today to discuss how you can get access for your entire team to all of our industry research.

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What people say about Nimdzi

  • Sasan Banava, Head of Localization at Uber

    Uber’s complex supply chain and ever-changing environment require a lot of flexibility and timely decisions by our team members.

    Since we started working with Nimdzi, our localization professionals have taken advantage of the Office Hours consulting platform to address issues such as vendor management, neural machine translation strategies, and language quality assurance.

    Their consultants are always available to discuss our challenges and provide us with professional insights.

    Sasan Banava, Head of Localization at Uber
  • Marina Ilari, Remote Project Management Trainings at Terra Translations

    We invited Nimdzi to host a workshop with our project managers, and the results were great. They worked with me beforehand to understand what our specific needs were. I told them the points that I would like to cover in the training, and Nimdzi custom-designed a workshop that addressed all of my specific needs. The whole engagement was very interactive and responsive. The practical insights we gained during this trainings have given us good ideas on how to continuously improve our growth strategy as Terra Translations continues to grow by acquiring new clients and strengthening our relationships with existing ones. 

    I would recommend Nimdzi to any language service provider that would like to give their teams some new skills training, some fresh insight, or just an injection of motivation.

    Marina Ilari, Remote Project Management Trainings at Terra Translations
  • Joanna Gough, Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Surrey, UK

    We use Nimdzi’s publications at the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Surrey, UK as resources for our MA module ‘Business and Industry Aspects of the Translation Profession’ and as a general source of information for our MA and PhD students about trends, markets and technologies in the language industry. We also use the book The General Theory of the Translation Company to help students understand the specific nature of the language industry and how to think of translation as a business. Nimdzi Insights are a welcome addition to the growing pool of much needed and previously not accessible language industry information which helps us prepare new, more business-aware entrants to this industry.

    Joanna Gough, Lecturer in Translation Studies, University of Surrey, UK
  • Hayley Smith, MA Translation, University of Surrey, UK

    Having access to industry insights from Nimdzi this year while I’ve been completing my translation masters has been truly invaluable. Not only was the content incredibly useful as a reference for assignments, but it was also perfect for keeping up-to-date with vital industry trends and innovations, meaning I felt ahead of the game in my new career before I’d even graduated!

    Hayley Smith, MA Translation, University of Surrey, UK
  • Cristiana Luppi, Production Manager at Crestec

    There’s a lot of information out there related to localization, just too much to properly scan, read, study and assimilate. It’s getting more and more overwhelming every day. My experience is that Nimdzi helps me with a very practical and pragmatic approach guiding me through this maze of information and providing concrete, concise and very often visual “pills” of knowledge. It’s a great help to follow them and they are definitely on top of things!

    Cristiana Luppi, Production Manager at Crestec
  • Elena Grigoras, CEO at TRAVOD Int

    Nimdzi is a good consultancy company which we can recommend full heartedly, which would help any small and mid size LSP change the mindset, strengthen the focus in the business, unleash the potential of the organization. They have intelligence on the industry and know how biggest companies got on the top. Their biggest contribution could be to the sales and business development department.

     If you’re looking to revamp your sales processes, get a training or two from Nimdzi.

    Elena Grigoras, CEO at TRAVOD Int

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