Outsourcing Product/Project Management – What, How and Why – Nimdzi LIVE! Episode 30 (feat. Angelica Perez and Virginia Minhondo)

Scaling project management teams can be… challenging. Sometimes it makes sense to outsource this crucial task (but not always). Today we talk with the founders of Pampa, a outsourcing and staffing initiative founded by the masterminds behind Delsur Translations.

Our first guest today is Angelica Perez

As the Co-Founder and CSO of delsurtranslations, I collaborate with multilingual language vendors (MLVs) to help their clients reach the Latin American markets. Since 2003, I have been working with over twenty of the top 100 language service providers (LSPs) offering them Spanish, Portuguese and American native languages services.

As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Pampa Talents, I help international language companies grow by offering customized recruiting and hiring processes to meet their staffing needs.

Our first guest today is Virginia Minhondo

As one of the founders of delsurtranslations, I have helped grow the company since 2003, leading and collaborating with the different areas of the company related to operations. I graduated as an English - Spanish translator at the National University of Cordoba while already working as in house translator for Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina. Later on, I moved to Miami, Florida, to master my professional skills working for Precision Translating Services Inc. I founded delsurtranslations in 2003 upon my return to Argentina. I actively participate in different industry associations and attend conferences and seminars all around the world to better understand our customers’ needs and be able to offer them the most appropriate solutions.

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23 April 2021

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