Online Consumption Index: Current Trends

The Nimdzi online consumption index (OCI) ranks countries and languages by percentage of online spending. It tells us how much is being spent online and by whom.

It is calculated based on available data around output (GDP, household consumption expenditure), online infrastructure (prevalence of secure servers), online adoption (internet subscribers), and demographics of each market.

The OCI can be used for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Measuring market penetration
  • Building a strong internal case for localization
  • Providing context for setting up international distribution

Let’s take a look at past evolution and current trends for the top 10 countries ranked by their OCI.

Forecast of top 10 countries by their OCI

Key takeaways

  • The United States will continue to increase online consumption at a rate equal to the rest of the world, meaning that the United States’ OCI will remain flat.
  • Japan’s OCI will decrease, as they have already reached a high online maturity and less mature countries with larger populations will begin closing the gap before ultimately overtaking Japan.
  • China is projected to continue to aggressively close the gap with the United States. Given China’s large population and relatively low online maturity, it is possible that they will overtake the United States in the next decade.

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