(Non-Traditional) Revenue Growth Through Customer-Centric Project Management

(Non-Traditional) Revenue Growth Through Customer-Centric Project Management

Although it is not "traditional," project managers can generate more revenue than even the best salespeople … with the right tools and training. In this discussion, Tucker Johnson (Managing Director, Nimdzi Insights) and Vera Richards (VP, Akorbi Translation and Localization) will share their experience turning traditional operations teams into client-focused growth machines. They will share simple and practical methods they have used to transition their respective operations teams into a customer-first strategy, leading to more meaningful conversations with their clients, and ultimately more work. If you are a leader developing customer-centric teams, a project manager who wants to further your skills and your career, or just interested in more effective remote team collaboration strategies, please join us.

Friday, October 2, 2020; Noon PDT | 3 PM EDT | 21:00 CEST

Meet the Speakers

Vera Richard VP, Akorbi Translation and Localizations

Vera is one of the industry's most passionate proponents of customer-centric account management as the key driver for growing enterprise globalization accounts. She recently provided soft skills training to her global project management team at Akorbi, where she serves as VP of Translation and Localization. If you are wondering about the ROI of investing in similar professional development for yourself or your team, you will want to learn from Vera's experience. 

Tucker Johnson, Managing Director, Nimdzi Insights

Tucker Johnson is a lifelong project manager and current managing director of Nimdzi Insights. Throughout his career managing global operations team, Tucker has realized that most project managers were missing out on incredible opportunity because they were lacking a few very simple skills. Through Nimdzi Learning, he has developed a program to train project management teams on how to build better long-term relationships with their strategic clients. 

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