THE 2024 NIMDZI 100

Just Shy Of The Top 100

Just Shy Of The Top 100

While these companies did not quite make this year's Nimdzi 100 ranking due to the growth of other players as well as new arrivals on the ranking, their work in the translation and localization space is still impressive. With continued growth and innovation, they may well find themselves on the list in the future. For now, they merit recognition as leaders shaping the industry and pushing it forward. Though they missed the cutoff this time, their efforts continue to elevate the entire field.


The Watchlist consists of companies that could be in the ranking but are not listed because they do not disclose, publish, or otherwise reveal their revenue. Furthermore, some organizations are units inside larger corporate groups where a small part of revenue comes from language services, and annual reports do not allow researchers to segment out the translation and interpreting revenue. We provide visibility to such companies on the Watchlist to highlight their impact on the industry. 

The reason it is important for us to track these companies is because even though they might not compete for clients, they compete for talent and resources. They also represent opportunities for technology providers and investors.

The companies are listed in alphabetical order.

wdt_ID Country Company Main business
1 Deluxe United States media localization
2 EVS Translations Germany translation, finance, legal
3 Expression Australia Australia sign language interpreting
4 Future Group United Arab Emirates translation & localization, interpreting, technology & IT, testing, DTP & graphic design
5 German Translation Network - Ge|Tra|Net| Germany translation & localization, interpreting, manufacturing, financial & legal
6 Global Lingo United Kingdom translation, interpreting, transcription, technology & IT, e-learning
7 kothes GmbH Germany linguist staffing,
8 MasterWord Services United States interpreting, translation & localization, linguist staffing, government, healthcare
9 Mother Tongue United Kingdom transcreation, translation, content creation
10 Questel France translation, legal, patents, life sciences
11 Systran (ChapsVision) France machine translation
12 The Kitchen United States media localization, video games, dubbing & audio, subtitling, media & entertainment
13 Transcom Global United Kingdom translation, life sciences
14 Translate.One United States translation & localization, financial & legal, intellectual property, life sciences
15 Translation Back Office Argentina translation, media services, testing, video games
16 Transn China translation, financial & legal
17 Valiant United States interpreting, translation, transcription, government

What Has Changed In The Rankings

A lot has changed in the ranking since last year. Here is a brief overview to help you better navigate the ranking.

New arrivals on the Nimdzi 100

  • Datawords – USD 93.1 million (e)
  • Verbit – USD 80.0 million (e)
  • ElaN Languages – USD 59.5 million (e)
  • Prime Focus Technologies – USD 48.5 million (v)
  • SunFlare – USD 42.7 million (v)
  • Unbabel – USD 36.4 million (v)
  • Weglot – USD 28.2 million (e)
  • Difuze – USD 26.8 million (e)
  • Lilt – USD 25.0 million (v)
  • Language Link Corp – USD 19.7 million (v)
  • Translations in Motion – USD 19.5 million (v)

Moved to our “Just Shy" honorary ranking

The below companies are missing from the top 100 ranking this year although they were ranked in 2023. This is for one simple reason: The competition was even larger and so all top 100 positions were already filled. This is why this year we will find them in our “Just Shy” honorary ranking.

  • Awatera – USD 15.0 million (v)
  • Hansem Global – USD 14.1 million (v)
  • itl Institut für technische Literatur – USD 14.1 million (v)
  • mt-g – USD 14.8 million (v)
  • THG Fluently – USD 15.7 million (v)

Moved to the Watchlist

The below providers were moved from the ranking onto the Watchlist because they did not respond to our requests for information and the data available in public records was insufficient to make an informed estimate.

  • kothes GmbH
  • MasterWord Services
  • Questel
  • Systran (ChapsVision)

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