MT: the Burning Questions on Every Buyer’s Mind


Today, machines translate more in a day than all human translators on the planet combined translate in a year. As machine translation (MT) becomes more widespread, its uses expand too. You could argue MT has replaced human translators in some scenarios. On the other hand, it also created new ones. The old questions of cost, speed of translation or quality have perhaps taken a backseat in favor of a new one – how to best leverage available MT technology.

For a lot of companies, the question how to use MT is, however, not a straightforward one, especially as there is a multitude of solutions available. Navigating the options becomes a challenge unto itself – and you haven’t even started testing the different solutions in your work stream!

Nimdzi has put together a guide which answers some of the burning questions on everyone’s minds – whether they are localization buyers eager to get a head start or MT specialists looking for the latest developments in the world of MT.

Information contained in this report

  1. TL;DR
  2. Trends
  3. MT use cases
  4. Selecting MT
  5. Best practices
  6. Recommendations

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30 April 2019
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