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LocalEyes LTD – STAR7

Nimdzi advised both LocalEyes and provides strategic analysis to STAR7 in their acquisition of LocalEyes by STAR7

LocalEyes brought Nimdzi into an existing sale process whereby Nimdzi recharged the effort and made introductions to several new potential buyers, including Star7.

STAR7, headquartered in Alessandria, Italy, is a global leader in the content and product information sector. The transaction was financed by internal resources and the issue of two bonds listed on ExtraMOT PRO3 (the Borsa Italiana segment dedicated to minibonds). The deal is a key milestone for STAR7 as it accelerates its growth.

LocalEyes was established in 1997 to support Apple in globalizing its brand and has grown alongside the Cupertino-based tech giant (in Europe, in particular), working on technical and customer-facing content translation and localization. Over this time period, the company has evolved and innovated its own know-how in offering increasingly value-added services. The company now has 12 offices across Europe and one in San Francisco, employing a total of 150 people.

“Three significant reasons make today's acquisition of LocalEyes a key step forward in STAR7 Group’s strategic development: it greatly strengthens our presence in Europe and the United States, we now lead the strategic technology sector for global content services and we have gained a customer of the caliber of Apple. Alongside the other high-profile customers that STAR7 has become a trusted partner to over the years, Apple will be a key asset.”

Lorenzo Mondo - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of STAR7


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Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
Nimdzi M&A Case Study
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